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Weather Routing Services

Weather, including currents, waves, wind, and swell has been found to affect the performance of a vessel by between 50 and 80 per cent, resulting additional cost and time. Routing a vessel based on current and predicted weather conditions is about improving the fuel efficiency, keeping to the sailing schedule, and remaining safe. Oceanroute S.A. can assist Owners and Charterers avoiding weather conditions which can seriously affect the performance and cost of operating a vessel. Oceanroute S.A. can be your valuable partner, providing marine weather forecasts and tropical alerts worldwide, advising optimum ship routes for any kind of sea passage (coastal, ocean) and preparing Post Voyage Analysis at the end of each passage. Oceanroute S.A. can re-construct Historic Voyage Analysis, based on the archive of Actual Weather Conditions prevailed worldwide since 2010. Oceanroute S.A. uses the latest and the most reliable weather models to provide accurate marine weather forecasts, in respect of Winds, Swell Height and Direction, Significant Waves Heigh, Pressure, Wind Gusts, and Ocean Surface Currents.

Our Services

- Daily Weather Forecasts (Pressure, Wind, Swell, Currents)

- Daily Status Report indicating ship’s performance up to date

- Recommended Route prior to departure for upcoming voyages

- Performance Analysis upon completion of each passage

- Construction of Historic Post Voyage Analysis

- Commercial advice during negotiations of performance clauses in charter-parties

- Commercial and Legal advice for Speed and Consumption Disputes

- Appointment as Independent Routing Company to issue Final Post Voyage Analysis

- Extract Historic Weather Conditions at a given port on a given period (95% World Wide Coverage) to assist our clients be aware about the Actual Weather Conditions prevailed at ports during Cargo Operations

Payment Option

  • Pay as you go option for individual vessels and voyages
  • Lump-sum payment for multiple vessels and voyages.
  • About Us

    Oceanroute S.A. was founded with the aim of providing weather routing support to the global maritime fleet. With its knowledge of the shipping business worldwide, Oceanroute understands how important weather routing has become in commercial maritime operations nowadays. First and foremost, we recognize the risk bad weather may pose to the safety of the crew, the vessel and the cargo. Additionaly, the notable increase of underperformance claims in Charter Parties. Both may be safeguarded against by using a reliable weather routing service.

    Oceanroute S.A. is ISO-9001:2015 certified. The company always strives to keep the highest quality level of the provided services


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